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AM Developers

Prosperous leader – setting construction trends

AM Developers has been making its mark in the construction industry since its inception in 2003. Investment in Gwadar has always been a golden opportunity for the investors as it has many promising benefits ahead; prospective trade hub and close proximity to natural deep sea.

Muscat Centre and FTBA are the company’s prominent projects which have made mark in Gwadar region. One of the primitive aspect of projects is that they are located in Business and Residential region – any business activity can take place there. Moreover, Gwadar is a prospective commercial hub as it is on the verge of becoming an acclaimed natural deep sea port in near future.


To become the prominent and leading construction partner for all of our clients and to create a distinctive benchmark within our industry.


We aim to be the pioneer in providing prosperous, rewarding and genuine investment opportunities to our clients in the construction sector. We ensure that only valuable, authentic and beneficial return options are provided to clients so that they can earn appropriate profit share in their valuable belongings.

Business Values

Our company’s work is defined by our values

Shedding light on what is our belief, who we are and how we operate. Ensuring that we abide by our values ensure that the best decisions are made which have helped us stand the tests of time and also stand out tall in our industry.

  • Only reliable, true and authentic information and suggestions are offered to clients to park their money in worthwhile properties and guide them towards prosperous path.

  • Everything is open and transparent so that clients know all aspects of their investments.

  • Our employees work in friendly, co-operative and flexible work environment ensuring that their performance is excellent.

  • We strive to create projects and present investment opportunities to clients which will be rewarding for them in long-term.

  • Everyone deserves respect and we give value to both our employees and clients so that our relationship gets strengthened with the passage of time.

Pillars of AM Developers

Muhammad Bilal Bugti

Having experience of 25 years in the construction industry, he has been part of various small projects. In AM Developers, he is a silent member but occasionally gives his valuable insight when making decision about any prospective venture.

Mir Ashraf Hussain

He has been offering services in the construction industry for more than 21 years and has been making valuable contribution in the sector. Having expertise in construction industry specifically in Gwadar region, Mir Ashraf Hussain has successfully developed exceptionally significant projects in Gwadar.

Sheikh Faisal Idress

Holding MBA in Finance, Sheikh Faisal Idrees had always an interest in Gwadar and he also had an idea about the flourishing future of business opportunities in the region. Since 2003, he has been part of AM Developers and has initiated 2 projects i.e. Muscat Centre and FTBA in Gwadar.

AM Developers

Core Strengths

Our business philosophy is simple yet promising to give our client’s genuine, affluent and transparent investment plan. Some crucial factors which make us distinctive in our industry are:

Unique Projects

All of our projects are exclusively designed keeping in mind our client’s requirements. We make sure that location is perfect from every aspect i.e. accessibility to basic amenities such as supermarkets, mosques, parks and others is convenient.

Even utilities and road infrastructure is given due importance to ensure that development is appropriate and in functioning position. Also, investment options offered to our clients are given after thorough research and within legal boundaries to take care of any prospective hindrances which can be encountered by them.

Excellence in Service

Our customer representatives are accessible throughout the project to keep them updated about the developments happening in the plan. We even make sure that projects exceed the benchmark level set by our industry experts – clients will gain a competitive edge from other investors.